Old-Fashioned Blueberry Preserves

Old-Fashioned Blueberry Preserves | Culinary Craftiness

Down here in the south, we’re past blueberry picking season, but if they’re still available in your area, this easy recipe makes seriously delicious old-fashioned preserves. I was lucky enough Continue Reading →

Ridiculously Easy Yet Crazy Delicious Rosemary & Garlic Shrimp

Rosemary & Garlic Shrimp drenched in a lemon and white wine butter sauce. Super easy to make! | Culinary Craftiness

I think the title says it all. I had 2 lbs. of frozen shrimp and I was in a hurry. This quick and simple dish tastes like something you’d get Continue Reading →

Browned Butter Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Browned Butter Roasted Pumpkin Seeds | Culinary Craftiness

It’s that time of year again. Not only is pumpkin spice everything hitting the coffee and donut shops, but the kiddos are picking out costumes and carving up jack o’ Continue Reading →

A Delicious Taste of Autumn – Long Island Squash Soup

A Delicous Taste of Autumn - Long Island Squash Soup | Culinary Craftiness

You never know what you might find at your local farmers market. I love browsing the stalls to see what gorgeous fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other local organic goodies Continue Reading →

Authentic Coney Dog Sauce

Authentic Coney Dog Sauce | Culinary Craftiness

Did you know that Coney Island Hotdogs didn’t originate in Coney Island Amusement Park in Brooklyn, New York? The recipes were brought to the Midwest by Greek and Macedonian immigrants Continue Reading →

Grain-Free Almond/Pecan Flour Bread

Grain-Free Almond/Pecan Flour Bread | Culinary Craftiness

Lots of people out there are trying to cut all grains from their diet or eat paleo and are looking for a good grain-free bread. Something with which to make Continue Reading →

Copycat Hurriburgers with Cheese

Copycat Hurriburgers with Cheese | Culinary Craftiness

When we moved from Indiana to Florida, we knew how difficult it would be leaving family and friends we love dearly. Thankfully, we can keep up with everyone through one Continue Reading →

What is Quinoa? And a Jacked Up Tabbouleh :)

What is Quinoa? And a Jacked Up Tabbouleh Recipe :) | Culinary Craftiness

“Quinoa is a species of the goosefoot genus, a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. It is a pseudocereal rather than a true cereal, as it is not Continue Reading →

Unbelievably Delicious Buttery Onion Shrimp

Buttery Onion Shrimp | Culinary Craftiness

I don’t know what’s up in the seafood world, but shrimp has been on sale quite a bit lately and being one not to pass up a really good deal, Continue Reading →

Quick & Delicious Super Cheesy Homemade Macaroni & Cheese

Quick & Delicious Super Cheesy Homemade Macaroni & Cheese | Culinary Craftiness

I come from a big family of Velveeta Cheese lovers. The Husband does, too. If you’re not of like mind, this post probably isn’t for you. I’ve encountered many food Continue Reading →